The lead in the faucet is harmful to children! Is your faucet qualified?

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Do you know no lead faucet?

Faucets are not available in our lives, and it is no exaggeration to say that people’s lives are inseparable from the faucet. Nowadays, the faucet has a variety of shapes and functions, which makes people’s lives more and more abundant. However, at the same time, the hidden danger of lead in the faucet is also facing the threat of physical and health.
According to expert research, children’s body resistance is poor, the absorption rate of lead is more than 5 times that of adults, and the sensitivity to lead is extremely strong. The lead content in 100 ml of blood reaches 50-60 micrograms enough to be poisoned.

The total IQ, operational IQ, and language IQ of children with high blood lead are significantly lower than those of children with low blood lead.

And this number is only about 80-100 micrograms for adults.

The main material of Huagao sanitary ware production faucet is brass HPb59, which requires less than 0.1% lead.

Lead free faucet

The temperature at which the faucet is cast is generally 1053 ° C, and the melting point of lead is 327.5 ° C, so that lead is segregated on the inner and outer surfaces during molding, and the lead content on the surface is 3 to 5 times higher than the interior.

The lead removal process can be used to remove lead from the surface, but the water flowing in the faucet will destroy the surface of the lead-washed lead, forming a “corrosion”, and the internal lead ions are exposed again, so that the precipitated lead content is increased.

Kaiping Huagao Sanitary Technology Co., Ltd. promises to the society: “Huagao do not need to recycle materials!” It has never changed since its establishment 9 years ago. Raw materials, production processes and products need to be strictly tested to ensure consumers’ health and safety.

Appeal: For the health of children, please pay attention to lead pollution in drinking water, pay attention to drinking water and health, please choose a brand to buy a bathroom.

How to drink tap water safely?

In the face of the essential water intake tools in daily life, how can we stay away from leaded water? Experts suggest that the following 7 points should be achieved:

1, Do not drink overnight water: the detection data of the concentration of lead in the faucet shows that the longer the water stays in the faucet, the higher the lead content, so the overnight water in the faucet must not drink. If you encounter water stoppage, as long as it is more than 6 hours, be sure to turn on the faucet for 1 minute before use – 3 minutes before eating.

2, Do not buy inferior faucets: When buying faucets, be sure to choose quality standards, choose stainless steel faucets, because stainless steel does not contain lead, there will be no secondary pollution. Low-lead or lead-free faucets are also available, and some organizations have developed such new products.

stainless steel kitchen faucet

stainless steel kitchen faucet

3. Observe the change of water quality of drinking water in time: Firstly, observe the color of water to see if it has abnormal color or turbidity, and whether there is any foreign matter; secondly, smell water has no odor, such as earthy smell, metallic taste, grassy smell, etc. .

4. Put water before drinking water: Before drinking tap water, you must first open the tap to let the water flow for a while. The same applies to the long-term use of tap water for a long time in the morning of the morning. The drained water should not be wasted and can be used for sanitation and the like.

5, contaminated water treatment: contaminated water should not be directly consumed, must be boiled, when the water is burned to nearly 100 degrees, the lid is opened, so that volatile organic compounds in the water volatilize. The water can also be naturally precipitated, and the colloidal substance in the water can be removed and then consumed.
6, scale should be cleaned regularly: Although there is no harm to health, but scale is not good. If the water quality is too high in an area, the equipment for transporting and heating the water is prone to scale formation, which may result in reduced efficiency or even failure of the water equipment, shortening the service life of the equipment, and greatly increasing the energy consumption. For the daily activities of the family, hard water consumes more water and detergents during washing, and the clothes are not easily washed, and the life is shortened. Bathing with hard water can also have a bad effect on the skin and hair.
7. It is also very important to install Huagao free lead faucet!

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